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The Charge Combos in Metroid Prime are:

Power Beam-Super Missile. The Super Missiles shoot 5 missiles at once and can destroy Cordite plates. Found in Phendrana Drifts.

Wave Beam-Wavebuster. The Wavebuster shoots massive surges of electricity. Must have at least 10 missiles. Found in Chozo Ruins.

Ice Beam-Ice Spreader. Shoots a wall of Ice. Needs 10 missiles and is most effective on Ice Troopers. Found in Magmoor Caverns.

Plasma Beam-Flamethrower. Similar to the Wavebuster. Shoots a line of fire. Must have 10 missiles. Found in Phazon Mines.

Phazon Beam-Phazon Corruption. Only usable via hacking. Found in Impact Crater (Technically)

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