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brawl: taunting up and down repeatedly will turn samus into zero suit or you can just select samus while holding l or r and press start to get zero suit before you select a stage...

metroid 1: not technically zero suit... but in a sense it kinda is.... JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------ is the code for the no suit samus :3

999999 999999 kkkkkk kkkkkk also gives you no suit, morph ball abilities and the wave beam i think and... thats everything i know really :)

Newly discovered codes... for me anyway :3

  • some-1 set-up us-the B0MB11
  • ZETROI DNINTE NDOc19 87????
  • JUSTIN BAILEY ------ 000000
  • XXXXXX XXXXXX KKKKKK KKKKKK (death in tourian code, impossible to beat)

hope this was helpful :) and if thats not what your looking for, i hope someone else has the right answer then....

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