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The Amorbis fight is simple IF you know what the bloody hell your doing.

1st phase-1 wormEdit

Hop in a light bubble and watch the rader in the top left of your screen very closely as it will show you where the worm (or worms as the fight progresses) will emerge from the ground with a simple orange dot. the first phase when theres just 1 worm, get into the bubble, lock on and nail it with as much missile fire as you can until all its armor is gone and it connects to that big ball in the middle of room. lock onto its face and fire a fully charged light beam shot at it. then when it starts to suck things up, roll into the vortex in morph ball mode, once inside it, fire off all your bombs and it will empty part of its life bar.

Phase 2 & 3Edit

The only diffrence from the first phase is that in phase 2, there will be 2 worms and in phase three there will be 3 worms. All you really need to repeat the steps from phase 1 on each individual worm. it will also help greatly to note that when a worm go's underground that pick ups such as missiles/health/beam ammo will fly up from the ground. if your in need of any, charge your power beam and run over to collect them using the tractor beam feature. once the life bar empty's, the orb in the center of the room will explode, revealing your reward, the Dark suit.

Phazon lord 20:02, January 13, 2010 (UTC)