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Metroid PrimeEdit

Once you get the Ice Beam, go to Phendrana Drifts and get the Gravity Suit. If you already have it, then proceed to the Phazon Mines. Access the area through the wrecked frigate on Tallon Overworld. You'll also need to go to the Life Grove, near the Wrecked Frigate, in order to get the X-ray Visor, which is needed for some areas in the Phazon Mines and also the Omega Pirate fight.

Super MetroidEdit

Metroid: Zero MissionEdit

Go back to Brinstar in the room to the right of the starting area, and use a Morph Ball bomb to enter a shaft that leads to an elevator that leads to Kraid.

Metroid FusionEdit

Use the Ice Beam on the Omega Metroid's vulnerable underside.

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