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Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Great Smash Bros. X in Japan) is the third and latest game in the crossover trilogy series, Super Smash Bros. which takes many characters from Nintendo's many franchises and bring them in for one chaos-filled battle fest. Like its predecessors, Brawl plays very differently from most typical fighters as players can free-roam in many environments taken from various games throughout Nintendo's history. Players can grab items which they can use to assist them as battle as well. As far as movesets and special attacks are concerned, it is exceedingly simplified as opposed to complex matters from typical fighters, requiring only to press the A or B button a long with a single directional input. The newest addition is the introduction of the Final Smash, a 'super attack' only usable by shattering a Smash Ball.

Samus Aran returns as one of the series' long running combatants though under 'certain circumstances', she can shed her Power Suit, becoming the lighter, and more agile Zero Suit Samus. Though the only playable character representing Metroid, her archenemy, Ridley appears in the game as a boss character. This also marks her very first time with vocal dialogue as opposed to staying silent or simply interacting through text dialogue.

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