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Monster's in alphabetical:

Arachnus-X: Morph ball boss. Main deck. Weakness: shooting it in the front of it and not in the green back [1]

Bio wall: Regular monster. All decks. Weakness: Shooting it anywhere with regular missiles for green variety and super missiles for purple variety [2]

B.O.X: Boss. sector 3 PYR and 6 NOC. Weakness: hang from over ladder and blast its brains with missiles.[3]

Bull: Regular monster. sector 6 NOC. Weakness: Anything. [4]

Choot: regular monster. Sector 5 ARC. Weakness: anywhere, just blast em. [5]

Core-x: Boss. All sector's. Weak spot: Anywhere, Blast it with missiles/super missiles/defusion missiles [6]

Dessgeega: Regular monster. sector 2 TRO. Weakness: Anywhere, fire at will. [7]

Evir: Regular monster. Sector 4 AQA. Weakness: lower stomach. [8]

Fake energy tank: Rare monster. seen in sector's ARC and PYR. Weakness: Charge shot/missile [9]

Fake missile tank: Rare monster. seen in sector 6 NOC. Weakness: Charge shot/missile [10]

Fune: Regular monster. Sector 3 PYR. Weakness: Charge shot/missile [11]

Gadora: Pre boss monster. Seen before almost all boss's. Weakness: Eye when its not glowing. hit with a charge shot or any variety of missile [12]

Geemer: Regular monster. Main deck during power out, sector 1 SRX on way to main deck from ridley. Weakness: Missile. [13]

Genesis: Rare monster. Sector 1 SRX during visit after restricted lab and secret area behind sub zero chamber. Weakness: usualy blocked by walls. Use Defusion missiles or wave beam. [14]

Bio-wall air system: Rare monster. During first visit to Sector 1 SRX. Weakness: Open side with charge shot or missile's. [15]

Geruda: Regular monster. Sector 3 PYR. Weakness: Anywhere on it, shoot it as it fly's over head. [16]

Geruta: Regular monster. Sector 1 SRX and 5 ARC. weakness: Any, fire away. [17]

Golden space pirate: Rare monster. Seen in sector 1 SRX during visit after restricted lab. Weakness: Back. Walk close to it, wait for it to jump over you, turn around when you see it jump and fire just when you finish turning and you should hit it. takes missile's only. [18]

Halzyn: Regular monster. seen most sectors. Weakness: Shells on side. nail one side with 2 missilse to kill. [19]

Hard core-x: Boss monster(s). seen in SRX, PYR, TRO, NOC and main deck. weakness: Eye when it opens. Nail it with missiles. [20]

Hornoad: Regular monster. Seen in most sectors. Weakness: anything, blow it away. [21]

Kago: Regular monster. Seen in TRO, AQA and ARC. Weakness: None. will turn into a giant pillar capable of significant damage when it absorbs a X parasite. [22]

Ki-Hunter: Regular monster TRO and main deck. Weakness: Missiles. [23]

Mega core-x(Varia-X): Boss of the varia suit. NOC. Weakness: While its huge, use pseudo screw attack's and charge beam shots. once it shrinks to normal, use missiles. [24]

Menu: Regular monster. NOC. weakness: Any. [25]

Mermen pirate: Regular monster. ARC underwater and AQA. weakness: Missiles or charge shots. [26]

Metroid: Rare monster. Restricted lab. Weakness: None. Harmless unless you hit them too much and fail to escape the restricted lab. [27]

Moto: regular monster. SRX. Weakness: missiles to the face. [28]

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